My 2014

Here you can read about my plans and desires for 2014.

My theme word for 2014: GRACE

Read the Bible in a year. I’ve started a blended plan that mixes the Old Testament and New Testament. Reading the Bible in a year has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, so when my friend Hannah asked whether I would be her accountability partner this year, I jumped on the opportunity.

Graduate high school (June 8, 2014)! It may sound like a given, but I’ve got to work hard this next semester to graduate.

Spend an hour each month in prayer and reflection. I did this last spring during Holy Week, and loved the time so much that I wanted to start doing it regularly. 2014 is the year to start!

Get my driver’s license. I’ve been waiting until I turn 18, and with my birthday just a month away, it is about time I started working to accomplish this goal.

Learn to be content with my current surroundings. I tend to be a person who consistently looks to the next thing. This year I want to stop, take a deep breath, and focus on the right now.

Go to a summer music festival. Ok, this one isn’t completely in my control, and it is a dream. But a girl can dream, right?

Go sky diving. In Virginia, I’ll be legal when I turn 18!

Vote in my first election.

Attend college. With the acceptance letter already attained, now I just have to get there.

Read one fun reading book a month. Last year, I felt like I never had time to read for fun, but this year I’ve learned it’s a matter of making time to read.

  • January: “Graceful” by Emily P. Freeman
  • February: “Anything” by Jennie Allen

Write letters to the people who have influenced me for the better. I want to write all these letters the summer before I leave for college, to show my appreciation.

– – Phebe



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