take more than a moment to Breathe

Yesterday. Headed south to the Chesapeake beach. But ended up driving north toward New York. Decided to stop at a small, quaint bayside town called Havre de Grace (last exit before the next toll). Spent the afternoon talking, strolling, browsing, sipping, capturing, and exploring. Ended the evening with a brilliant orange sunset and grey paint-dripped walls.

I’m trying to let my soul breathe this week. More than anything, I simply need to suck in the fresh air and be refreshed. For the past month, I have felt like I am constantly racing the clock and always falling further behind. I am out of breath. For the past two weeks, I have felt like I am drowning in an ocean of assignments, readings, and to-do lists. I am gasping for air.

And so, this week I allow myself to breathe. Assignments can wait. Responsibilities can be set aside. God is already speaking His truth to me in the depths of my soul: “Did you trust me? I had you all along…” He is shaking His head at me in amusement: “You think this is funny? It was My plan the whole time.” 



IMG_4053 - Version 2

IMG_4061 - Version 2

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One of the things I’m doing to let my soul breathe is to take time to read what I actually want to read. Here are a few of my favorite blogs/articles that have been filling my soul with encouragement, beauty, and wisdom.

Cause for Joy: “To a Wanderlust Heart…” This article speaks to a place where many of my friends and I are — a place of longing for adventure and travel.  (It is even so relevant to the adventure I went on yesterday with a friend.) Marli’s words are refreshing to the soul and speak truth to the core.

The Restored Artist: “Lent” My dear friend, Ellie, has written beautiful words on the purpose of Lent and the hope of salvation.

This Momentary Anthology  A friend from school is writing a series of poetry for a month. Her month is filled with short, powerful stanzas about life that touch me deeply.

Chatting at the Sky: “Learning to Walk Without an Agenda” A lesson I need to learn so badly. I’m trying to remember to use my many walks between classes to breathe, recharge, and process. Emily P. Freeman is one of my favorite authors, and her blog always causes me to stop, think, and smile.

Anything you’ve been reading recently? Any suggestions for blogs to check out? Please comment below! I’ll do another wrap-up of what I discover at the end of the week.

For now, take more than a moment…take a long time…to Breathe.

– – Phebe


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