Finding Your Word for 2015 (Guest Post)


Two weeks into this new semester, and I am already realizing how much I will need to persist. Can I share a secret? I love new opportunities. And I love being involved. I jump on board with something and start running, only to realize that I am already far behind and exhausted (meaning I end up over-committing my time because I get so excited about a new idea or project). Yep, it’s already happening. And I’ve only had 9 days of classes so far! I’m also realizing how much work this semester of classes is going to take. I’ve said it before, but I especially need to figure out how to do the minimum well (and quickly, please!!).

At the same time, I am so excited! Two weeks into the semester and I am thrilled about my friendships, my classes, my professors, and my projects. I thought that I might come back and realize that I didn’t like it here any more. For whatever reason, I seriously had that fear. Yet God is faithful! Two weeks in and I am already laughing until I can’t breathe with friends and going deeper and having new, wonderful experiences. God is good. Yes, there are intense moments of stress and anger and exhaustion. And yes, God is still good even then.

Looking into the next week and all I have to accomplish, I need the reminder to persist. Just in time, Tirzah published a new article of mine. (Hey, that rhymed!)

Finding Your Word for 2015

Reading over it again reminded me of what this semester is all about and helped me to focus my thoughts. I may not be blogging as much over the next few months, but I will be sure to keep you updated on how I’m learning to see God in my everyday life. Thanks for your support along the way!

Now, to get some work done…

— Phebe


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