day twenty-six: have some tea

“Where there is tea, there is hope.”

I’m not sure who said this, but the statement is certainly true. Tea brought our hall together today, and it provided a joyful and hopeful escape from the worries of school.

Emily (my roommate) and I have been praying about how God can use us to do ministry on the hall. Tea has become our ministry. We’ve been planning a “tea party” for the past few weeks. Last weekend we went shopping for ingredients, and then today we spent our Sunday afternoon baking.

IMG_2667Everyone brought their own mug and we provided the ambiance, apple crisp, pumpkin scones, English biscuits, and tea. We set up everything on the picnic tables outside our dorm. Over half of the girls on our hall and students from the other halls came outside for afternoon tea. Even three guys came out with their mugs (although it was a “ladies only” event, we couldn’t say no to guys with their own mugs looking for tea).


For most of the tea party I was running around, boiling and serving teapot after teapot of hot water. Once I finally had a chance to sit down, I was overwhelmed. All around me surrounded college students drinking cups of tea and engaging in conversation. They weren’t stressing about class schedules, studying for their next midterm, or debating whether to get a ping-pong table. They were sitting and talking. Everyone of them was simply “being.” The sight was beautiful.

IMG_2651God is working. He is giving us opportunities to provide free food and then He is providing the peace. de9397a581285b440b7e150562c09b1f

– – Phebe


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