day seventeen: be a light

Tonight’s one of those nights where I really wanted to craft a thoughtful post about all I learned today. For the first time since I’ve arrived at college, I heard a message that deeply convicted and challenged me. And I want to share with you all! But I am so tired that I almost fell asleep on my desk and had to force myself to write this. So hopefully that post will come tomorrow.

But I do need to write. (A challenge is not a challenge if there’s not some challenging aspect about it, am I right?)

We live in a dark world. I once heard a pastor say (and I wish I could remember who) that Christians will stand out the most if they don’t complain. We live in a society that is so focused on the self and desires and negatives, so when someone doesn’t complain, people will notice. We are called to be a light in the world. If we can do that by simply being thankful, let’s do it!

Since tonight I’m exhausted and brain-dead, I thought I’d make a list of the reasons why I’m thankful today.

#1: Parades with candy, music, and free t-shirts

#2: Loud and enthusiastic friends

#3: Proud William & Mary alumni

#4: Real food, aka Pita Pit

#5: Intervarsity family

#6: An environment where I can worship freely

#7: Pumpkin carving adventures

#8: Lots of laughter

And to close, a few pictures of our carved pumpkin, that also demonstrates being a light in the darkness. (As William & Mary students, we had to go with a unique, introspective design. As my friend Emma says, “Literature is life.”)





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