day ten: be dependent

Slide1After seven weeks of school, I can feel my body beginning to wear. It’s been seven weeks of having to be strong and independent. While I love the challenges and opportunities that come with independence, sometimes I just want someone else to make decisions for me. Sometimes I don’t want to be responsible for everything. Sometimes I don’t want to be strong anymore. Sometimes I just want to let go.

I can.

The fullness of life comes when I realize that I am fully dependent on God. I don’t need to prove myself. I don’t need to handle everything alone. I don’t even need to even be strong on my own.

When I am “being,” I am recognizing that God is in control. I can be, because I can let go and let God. I can release the worries and the stress of the day, and then in response, I can let God take the lead.

I am trying to get in the habit of being in constant communication with God. A huge part of our existence is existing with God. Instead of worrying, my immediate response should be to ask God for help.

I’ve become a lot more dependent on God at college. At home, it was so easy to immediately go to my parents, friends, or small group leaders when I needed something. Those people were a constant in my life. Now that I am on my own and having to build new relationships, God is the only constant.

It’s challenging. The temptation is to do everything on my own. But I am ineffective on my own. I am slowly destroying my body and soul when I attempt to do this life on my own. Being is trusting.

1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your anxieties upon Him, because He cares for you.”

Sometimes at college it feels like no one cares about you. There are people that you can talk to or people that you know like you, but do they actually care about you? In those moments, I have to remind myself that the Creator of the world cares about me. He actually cares… enough to do something about it.

God is my constant. He is your constant.

Go ahead and give in to Him. Allow yourself to be dependent. When you are relying on God for your strength, you will find yourself having more energy to extend outwards. Stop striving. Start being.

– – Phebe


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