day four: be in nature

I’m currently writing this post in a cabin in the woods with no WiFi. I’m spending the weekend with 30 other college students from InterVarsity at Virginia Beach. After a long and trying week, I was so excited to get off campus. And now that I’m here, I am so thankful.

Getting away has been wonderful. God is so good. I love being surrounded by a community of believers again. So refreshing. Being able to unplug from school and technology has also been so relaxing. This morning we were singing songs, enveloped in nature, worshipping the Creator. Beautiful.

This afternoon we went to the beach. The salt water is healing for the soul and body. I feel renewed and reinvigorated. Community. Laughter. Conversations. Small group. New friends. Worship. The weekend is exactly what I needed to be ready for another week of school. I am so encouraged to know that these people are willing to walk through life with me on campus. I can sense that the deep friendships I’ve been waiting for are beginning to take root. And, oh, it is good.

I’ve been tempted to think about what’s waiting for me when I get back on campus. But “being” is present. I want to live in the moment. So I’m taking things as they come. Accepting that it’s okay to not be busy. To rest. And to play.

– – Phebe


One thought on “day four: be in nature

  1. Phebe…your voice is so sweet and refreshing. Your words hold conviction and challenge. I love it! Thank you for writing and for giving people a glimpse into what makes your world beautiful! SOOOO glad you’re being refreshed at the beach! I am inspired by your peace in “being”…I think I’ll join you on that challenge.

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