31 Days of Being

This is a season of newness for me. New friends. New environment. New classes. New challenges. And in all of that, I’m about to try yet another new adventure!

In October, I will be taking on the 31 Day Writing Challenge. Turns out that Ellie and I both had the same idea: check out her blog too! (You can find out more and/or join the movement here.) My focus will be on the word “being.” What does it mean to simply be?

So what can you expect? First, you can expect a post every day for the next month. Second, my posts will probably take on a different form. They will most likely be shorter, have more personal anecdotes, and be more topical. (To be honest, I don’t even know what to expect from myself. So we’ll explore together!)

You can expect some of the following topics… Thanksgiving. Contentment. Peace. Grace. Fullness. Rest. Balance.

Also!! Featuring something new: Worship Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, I will share a new worship song that addresses the idea of “being.”

For new readers, as you wait for the first installment of the 31 Day Challenge, here are a few of my favorite blog posts.

A Light in the Darkness: God’s faithfulness in my first weeks of college

AP Lit and Moby Dick: Hope in a fallen world

To Wait or Not to Wait: Being active in the waiting

Good Girl Gone: Finding grace and identity in Jesus

Here’s to the next 31 days! Thanks for joining me on this adventure!


– Phebe –

day one: be without technology

day two: being in the grey

day three: define “be”

day four: be in nature

day five: be in community

day six: be with people

day seven: of mousetraps & milkshakes

day eight: it is well

day nine: be here

day ten: be dependent 

day eleven: be like Jesus

day twelve: be at rest

day thirteen: be at rest (two)

day fourteen: be still

day fifteen: worship in the stillness

day sixteen: be home

day seventeen: be a light

day eighteen: be raw

day nineteen: the corner kettle

day twenty: be unglamorous

day twenty-one: be intentional

day twenty-two: my only hope

day twenty-three: be hopeful

day twenty-four: be you

day twenty-five: be a listener

day twenty-six: have some tea

day twenty-seven: be in pictures

day twenty-eight: be patient

day twenty-nine: right now

day thirty: be childlike

day thirty-one: simply be


One thought on “31 Days of Being

  1. I am looking forward to this. You are amazing. Be sure that ALL of our family is getting this including Chad and Jenni

    Sent from my iPhone


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