Out of the Water

Does God ever blow your mind? Like blow it completely out of the water you called safe and comfortable. Because when God blows your mind, He takes your life to a whole different level. But you end up finding out that this new, risky place where you end up is exactly where you want to be. 

God has been blowing my mind recently. His goodness is abounding. I’m not saying that life has been perfect, because it is nowhere near perfect. Yet I am perfectly content with the place that I am right now. The adventure that God has been taking me on is so worth the craziness that exists alongside the ride.

God has been blessing me with an abundance of His love and generosity. I am seeing it in my friendships, my family relationships, my dance project, my youth group, even my schoolwork. He has been answering my prayers, the big ones (like the success of the “There’s No Place Like Home” dance concerts) and the small ones (like going to senior prom). 

My friend Ellie texted me yesterday full of excitement about the weekend ahead, and her excitement began to rub off on me. I suddenly began to look around at my life and see all the wonderful things that are happening. And this morning I chose to enjoy each little moment, the place that I am right now. 

I spent the morning making chocolate covered strawberries for a fundraising tea party tomorrow. While my lack of artistic ability and productivity frustrated me, I decided that it was OK to spend a morning doing something fun and creative rather than schoolwork. This afternoon I had to rush to get ready for our second dance concert, because the venue was over a half hour away. But I was able to spend the long car ride connecting with one of my best friends and laughing about the drama of senior year. The weather was absolutely beautiful today, and because our director was late, we had some extra minutes to enjoy the sunshine. 

We ran behind all night during our final dress rehearsal, as usual, but everything came together last minute, as usual. The concert went beautifully, and God once again blew my mind with his faithfulness and generosity. Afterwards I had the chance to connect with some dance alumni, who affirmed our senior vision and concert. The evening concluded with delicious late night barbecue and a car ride full of worship on the drive home. 

Yes, God is good. He continues to astound me with his blessings – the way that in the midst of stress and busyness He reminds me “I am still sovereign.” I think He likes to please His children, to take them beyond what they need sometimes and give them what they want. The success of the senior dance concert is just one evidence of this truth. We were taking a risk, but it was worth it. Our first performance alone, we raised over $2000 for Abide Family Center. We were humbled and awed, but come to think of it, that’s just in God’s nature. He often takes us through the valley so that the mountains are just that much more incredible. 

Sometimes we feel like a fish out of water, with no place to run and hide. But it’s in those risky moments, when we are fully dependent on God for life, that He tells us “I’ve got your hand. You are exactly where I want you.” The journey could not be more rewarding.

– – Phebe


One thought on “Out of the Water

  1. You’re going to senior prom? Niceee. 🙂 I’m glad that you all did so well today! This was a definite, needed reminder.

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