Concussions and Contributions

Big things are happening on “God Gazing.” I started this four months ago to catalog my experiences in Liberia. Since then, God has taken it to places I never imagined. Within those four short months, I went from five followers to fifty-five followers. And from a few beginning posts to, what will now be, thirty-two posts. God has brought many supporters, who have encouraged me in my writing. And during this time, I have realized that my true love is writing about my first love – Jesus Christ. In sharing Him, I find the most joy.

With all that said, I realize it has been over ten days since I last wrote. Life has been busy. Last week I was out of town at a home school basketball tournament. (No, I don’t play. I was supporting my brother.) Then this weekend I had an exciting new experience with my first concussion. (Tip: avoid playing soccer on a concrete tennis court with guys who are tougher and bigger than you.) And in the meantime, I have gotten way behind in my reading for school.

So that will be the extent of my blog post today. However, this morning my second contributing post for Tirzah Magazine was published. You can check it out  here. In this new post, I share my struggles with anxiety attacks and how God has worked in my life to give me peace.

And hopefully, I will be back in the next week or so with an official post. Until then…

– – Phebe


One thought on “Concussions and Contributions

  1. Hi Phoebe! I work with your Aunt Katherine. She shared with me about your blog. I have enjoyed reading it! I just wanted to say you that you are an amazing young woman! You inspire me, a 55 year old. I can only imagine the plans God has for you! God Bless! Vicky

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