To Wait or Not to Wait?


To wait, or not to wait, that is the question…

Jamie Grace released a new album just a few days ago, and I would highly suggest that you buy it. (Spoiler alert: You may become addicted. I have listened to her whole album almost ten times in the past three days.) My favorite song on the album right now is titled “The Waiting.” Jamie sings, “But I know this is the waiting / I anxiously wait / As I hold on to love that won’t ever let go / And in these times when my patience is tested / Won’t you remind me that I’m not alone / Here in the waiting…”

I was surprised to realize this was my favorite song, because I have been strongly opposed to every song that talks about “waiting.” I read an article about a year ago called “I Don’t Wait Anymore,” and I jumped on board. All our lives, we are told to wait. Wait to go to school. Wait to drive. Wait to drink. Wait to get a job. Wait to get married. Sometimes it seems like we are simply waiting for our lives to begin. What about life right now? Let’s stop waiting; instead, let us choose to live contentedly in the moment. Yes.

So when I heard songs like “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord / We will wait upon the Lord / We will wait,” I started getting annoyed. Why all this waiting? To me, waiting implies inactivity. I like to be moving, active, productive – living and breathing. Although waiting is technicaly an action verb, it seems more like a being verb. When we are waiting, we are simply existing, not truly living. Or so I thought.

When I heard Jamie Grace’s song, I started to think more deeply on the subject. And I’ve come to a new conclusion.

David talks about waiting in the Psalms, so the concept is Biblical. Psalm 130:5-6 says, “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope; my soul waits for the Lord, more than watchmen for the morning.”

Often we have a hard time seeing God. In the pain of losing a loved one, or in the monotony of an everyday routine, many times we can’t see God working. But we trust that He is there. We trust that He is working even when we don’t have the perspective. In fact, we wait, because we have assurance that God does not abandon His children.

Life is full of times of waiting. Right now, I am waiting to stop feeling sick. I am waiting to turn 18. I am waiting to get my driver’s license. I am waiting to go to college. And in colloquial terms – I can’t wait! But at the same time, I don’t want to get wrapped up in the waiting. I still go out with friends, even if it means humbling myself to ask for a ride. While waiting to have a future family, I train by loving and serving my family. And even though I’m waiting to get a world-changing job (hopefully!) in the future, I am making an effort to bring a difference in the ways I can, for instance, by contributing to Tirzah Magazine.

To me, that is what choosing not to wait is all about. We wait on God, because we trust Him, but we don’t just stop.

I offer up a challenge: be active in the waiting.

Be content in the right now. This moment. Stop. Take your eyes of the screen. Look around you. Breathe. Say something aloud that you are thankful for. And then, go on with your life. No matter where you are right now, God has an incredible plan for you, even if you can’t see it. So don’t just stop. Don’t wait for life to come to you. You are breathing, right? Life is here!

– – Phebe


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