New Year, New Me?

According to Forbes, approximately 40% of Americans (about 126,800,000 people) make New Year’s resolutions; however, only 8% actually keep those resolutions (25,360,000). Yes, I just did math during winter break. Be amazed. For most people I know, New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a joke. And I tend to agree. The statistics just prove that most people aren’t resolute about their resolutions. 


Yet nothing happens unless you decide to do that something. If you want my personal opinion, I love goals. A goal is something you are reaching towards. I find purpose in accomplishing goals. But I think people tend to rush to come up with a list of resolutions for the new year. I always think of good things to do or say after the fact, no matter what I’m doing. So here’s a brief list of some goals I plan to accomplish this year. I almost wrote “want to accomplish,” but my surfing instructor told me to never say I’m going to try something; instead, tell myself that I’m going to do it. Throughout the next few months, I will be adding to this list. There’s a new tab on the top of my blog titled “My 2014.” If you ever feel like checking it, please do. As I accomplish things, I will cross them off my list. Some are lifestyle changes, others are things I want to accomplish. And keep me accountable too!





For 2014…

Read the Bible in a year. I’ve started a blended plan that mixes the Old Testament and New Testament. Reading the Bible in a year has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, so when my friend Hannah asked whether I would be her accountability partner this year, I jumped on the opportunity.

Graduate high school (June 8, 2014)! It may sound like a given, but I’ve got to work hard this next semester to graduate. 

Spend an hour each month in prayer and reflection. I did this last spring during Holy Week, and loved the time so much that I wanted to start doing it regularly. 2014 is the year to start!

Get my driver’s license. I’ve been waiting until I turn 18, and with my birthday just a month away, it is about time I started working to accomplish this goal.

Learn to be content with my current surroundings. I tend to be a person who consistently looks to the next thing. This year I want to stop, take a deep breath, and focus on the right now.

Go to a summer music festival. Ok, this one isn’t completely in my control, and it is a dream. But a girl can dream, right?

Go sky diving. In Virginia, I’ll be legal when I turn 18!

Vote in my first election.

Attend college. With the acceptance letter already attained, now I just have to get there.

Read one fun reading book a month. Last year, I felt like I never had time to read for fun, but this year I’ve learned it’s a matter of making time to read.

Write letters to the people who have influenced me for the better. I want to write all these letters the summer before I leave for college, to show my appreciation.

– – Phebe



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