Worth It All

I’ll be honest, my time in Liberia was difficult…
emotionally: I experienced the heart-wrenching brokenness of the world
physically: I spent days given my everything, while in humid heat and with jet lag
mentally: I was discouraged as I realized how big the need is

But despite the heat, exhaustion, motion sickness, negative emotions – everything that the Enemy used to try to limit our effectiveness – I can honestly say that the difficulties were worth it. Hardship makes the rewards so much sweeter. But more importantly, hardship grows us closer to God. Jesus gave His life on the cross so that I can live forever with Him someday in Paradise. The least I can do is give everything He has given me back to Him during this short stay on Earth. Yes, my time in Liberia was worth it. The kids’ smiles made the difficulties totally worth it. But most of all, Jesus was worth it. Jesus was worth the temporary suffering. Jesus is worth the emotional pain that continues.

A friend shared this song by Meredith Andrews a few days ago and since then, it has become the cry of my soul. The words remind me so much of my time in Liberia and remind me of what I don’t want to lose now that I am back in the complacency of American life. View the video above or follow the link:

Let your prayer become the declaration: “I let go of all I have just to have all of You. And no matter what the cost, I will follow You. Jesus everything I’ve lost, I have found in You. When I finally reach the end, I’ll say, ‘You are Worth It All’.”

– – Phebe


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