Adventures in Africa, Part 6

I’m sure that by now you’re beginning to wonder when these posts are going to end. Well, good news! After this, there’s only one more “part” left. The journey is drawing to a close…

November 30, 2013

This morning we woke up at 5:15am and arrived at the Militant Church at 6:15. When we arrived at the church, children and adults were already awake and waiting to wave goodbye. Last night we had a chance to thank everyone in Zorzor and say goodbye. We have all made many friends, so it was an emotional evening and morning.

The ride back to Monrovia was a lot easier than I had expected, and I was blessed to not get motion sickness. Thank you, Jesus! But it is a lot hotter back in Monrovia. We went to the market this afternoon, and I don’t think I’ve sweat that much my entire time in Liberia. It is so humid. There were so many people and shops that it was overwhelming. Thankfully, Famata helped us navigate our way. Without her we would have been utterly lost. We had to be careful to keep our belongings close so they wouldn’t get stolen. Not so different from any inner-city in the US… However, many of the guy shopkeepers / vending sellers approached us. Some every grabbed my arms as we tried to pass through. I had to keep my head down and avoid eye contact. Famata was pleased that many people stared at the white girl with corn rows (she did my hair earlier today). And she kept telling people how a few of the guys would call out, “I love you. You are beautiful. I like your country plaits (aka corn rows).”


My favorite part of today was going down to the beach tonight. The ocean felt so refreshing. Most Liberians do not know how to swim and are scared of the ocean. But we managed to convince Gideon, David, and Willamina (Owen and Viola’s sons and niece) to come in deeper than they ever had. They loved it and wanted to learn how to swim. Everyone had so much fun. It was a beautiful closing night to our time here in Liberia!




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