Adventures in Africa, Part 5

November 29, 2013

I think today has been one of the longest and best days so far, and it’s only 4pm. We went to bed past midnight, because Owen and Viola were recounting their experiences during the war. I woke up at 7:30am after a quick night of sleep. At 9:00 we headed over to the Militant Church. While Pastor Steve was doing his parenting session, us girls were playing with the kids. We played football, made ooblick, and painted nails. These kids are truly precious. I love each one so much! Around 11:00, Marisela and Dad spoke to the women and men separately. Then it was time for “The March”! We paraded down the street to the town square, singing worship and dancing. I had kids clinging to me as we made our way. In the town square, we prayed over the city and nation. Singing before Jesus with abandonment and shouting His name in the marketplace was a glimpse of what this world should look like and what Heaven will look like. Although our group was comparatively small, about 50 people, I believe God was right there with us, will hear our prayer, and show His power.


We ate a delicious lunch of rice, potato leaves, and a soupy mix of chicken, fish, and beef. I felt a strange feeling of fullness after eating – yay! But being out in the sun for several hours was starting to get to me. I began to feel weak. We had our last children’s session after lunch. Our craft was to decorate crowns (a local Burger King in PA had donated 1000 paper crowns). The children and adults would hide the jewels we gave them and ask for more. The kids mobbed us, asking for jewels and memory verse cards. The poverty and survival mindset was never so evident to me as then. Today I started pouring water into the mouths of children who asked me for a drink. I can’t take it anymore. I want to build wells all over Liberia. 


Later… Since we were all exhausted, Summer, Kaitlin, and I decided not to go to Guinea with the rest of the group. I had a difficult afternoon. Because of my exhaustion, I was having a lot of negative motions. And I was feeling irritable, because we lost our room key and missed the baptisms. Plus I was feeling down about my worth and affect here. Dad prayed with me, and I sat out on the back porch and cried. It was the first time I could strongly feel the Enemy’s attack on my body and mind during our time in Liberia. I could feel the battle between Satan and the angels over my attitude. Thankfully, after a brief nap, God blessed me with renewed peace and energy. 

Tonight we went to our last revival service. We sat with the children again. The African people worship like no one else. There was a time of celebration after Pastor Steve’s message. We made a conga line around the church, and then we danced on the stage until the sweat was literally dripping down my face and I was gasping for air. Despite the heat and stuffiness, it was one of those moments where you feel like you can keep going forever. Truly a glimpse of Heaven. I can honestly say that I can’t wait to be in God’s presence dancing and worshipping with all my Liberian friends!

At the end of the service, the Liberians blessed us. We each took the opportunity to thank the church and the people. I have never ever experienced such service. The Liberians’ hospitality and graciousness overwhelms me. They who have barely anything choose to bless us with everything. A picture of Jesus’s sacrifice. 

I shared how I had been dreaming about traveling to Africa since the age of 3. Now my dreams have been reached. Every morning during my time in Liberia, I woke up thinking, “I am in Africa. I am seriously in Africa.” There’s no way that I can complain when I am in the midst of a country I love with people I have fallen in love with. Our efforts have been so small compared to the need. But during my rest, I was given a vision that gave me hope and peace.

Our efforts feel like one drop in a bucket. Each one of us – one drop in a large bucket to satisfy the thirst of a nation. But together, the eight of us, our drops come together to make a sip. One sip to refresh Liberia.  



One thought on “Adventures in Africa, Part 5

  1. I so relate to your feelings of insignificance! Every time I do something good or productive, it never seems like enough. Great analogy! That is so encouraging.

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