Home Sweet Exhaustion

Home at last… I was hoping to get a chance to post some short status updates during my time, but I had no Internet since Liberia does not have a national electrical grid. So ten days later, I am finally getting back to blogging.

I hope this is somewhat coherent, because right now my body is telling me to go to sleep. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night on the plane, barely. We arrived at JFK at 4:15am on a red-eye flight from Ghana. After customs, we had a 4 hour bus ride back to Millersburg, PA, complete with a stop at a country diner for some American breakfast. We arrived to family and friends from the Hillside church. That’s when I started missing my family. My dad and I then had a 3 hour ride back to Northern VA, which we eagerly started. The excitement was building as we started seeing familiar buildings. For some reason, I was more impatient to see my family then I think I’ve ever been. Finally, at 2pm, we pulled into our driveway. My sisters came running, and I bundled them up in my arms. A lot of hugging ensued. Home sweet… exhaustion?

My brain is telling me that it is only 6pm, but my body is screaming nooooo, it’s 11pm! The jet lag, heat, long days, and lack of sleep has left me utterly exhausted. But every moment was absolutely worth it. I am looking forward to a somewhat relaxing week though, catching up with friends, school, and sleep.

Since I was unable to post, over the next few days I will be writing about my trip. Most of the posts will be based off of my daily journaling in Liberia. If you ever wanted to read what’s in my journal (why?), now is your chance. Join me over the next week as I share my adventures in the land of Liberty!


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